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This balm is your perfect cup of tea that your skin will quickly drink up!


Lavender Green Tea is a unique, unisex body balm with warm lavender essence and scentual cedarwood undertones that contains the highly beneficial nutrients of matcha green tea.  Matcha is pure green tea leaves that have been ground into a powder that is significantly more concentrated and packed with pure goodness.  


Made from food, not chemicals... which is about as natural as you can get ;)

ALL NATURAL FUSION: organic extra virgin coconut oil, beeswax, sweet almond oil, avocado oil, hydrogenated vegetable oil, matcha green tea powder, organic fair trade grade A raw ivory shea butter, organic fragrance oil

Lavender Green Tea Body Balm - 4oz

  • Lavender Green Tea Body Balm

    BodyBalm  n.  1. A soothing and comforting aromatic agent for your skin (natural)  2. Melt onto your hands and body, head to toe  3. Use everyday all over; a little goes a long way


    • NO! gluten, parabens, chemicals, petroleum, preservatives
    • Transparent with our ingredients
    • Simple, clean, handcrafted 
    • Free of all that is not good for your skin
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