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I. The Idea: unisex, original, simple products to improve ones hair and skin 


        A) create a beneficial alternative to ordinary balms  

            1. Being mindful of:   

                a. how and where ingredients are sourced 

                b. what you are feeding your skin; nutrient and healthy

                c. distinctively unique fresh scents 


        B) the desire to eliminate 

            1. Mainstream skincare products containing:

                a. preservatives, chemicals, petroleum, synthetics

                b. irritating allergies, product sensitivity

                c. unhealthy ingredients, there’s just no need


II. Developed: handcrafted, all natural, small batches 


        A) hair, body and lip balm recipes 

            1. Natural Ingredients (including but not limited to)

                a. Coconut Oil: rich fatty acids that can cross the skin barrier,

                            relieve inflammation, immediately soothe and protect


                b. Sweet Almond Oil: rich in Vitamin E, proteins, potassium and

                            zinc, among other minerals and vitamins, so good for

                            our heart, skin and hair. reduces scars and improves texture


                c. Beeswax: protective, antibacterial, humectant, wound healing; 

                            anti-inflammatory; helpful in treating skin irritation;

                            remedy dry hair/skin; start and maintain dreadlocks;     

                            wax for a man’s beard or mustache  


        B) researched and sourced

            1.  The very best of unique ingredients (such as)

                a. Shea Butter: Fair Trade, raw, organic, Grade A. best quality 

                            handmade imported from Ghana. Tested, graded and

                            certified by the Amercian Shea Butter Institute 


                b. Arabica Coffee Butter: naturally contains .5%-1% caffeine. 

                            a blend of coffee seed oil and *hydrogenated vegetable oil

                           *Hydrogenation: process of adding hydrogen to liquid oil to                               turn into a solid


                c. Essential and Fragrance Oils: locally sourced formulas consist

                            strictly of 100% pure, non-gmo, and/or organic ingredients  

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    WHAT IT IS...

  • 100% all natural

  • clean ingredients

  • unisex

  • healthy

  • nourishing

  • moisturizing

  • reef safe

  • non-toxic

  • cruelty-free

  • USA made


  • no gluten

  • no parabens

  • no chemicals

  • no petroleum

  • no formaldehyde

  • no preservatives

  • no synthetics

  • no carcinogens

  • no GMO's

  • no worries

    WHAT IT'S FOR...

  • ladies hair and skin

  • gents beard and mustache

  • pets paws, nose, elbows

  • nails and cuticles

  • soften calluses

  • dry flakey scalp, skin

  • after shave, razor burn 

  • after sun, sunburn, peeling

  • dry, chapped winter-skin

  • everyday head to toe

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