BEX. Xtra Large - twice the nice


LIP BALM: This tube is Xtra Large and formulated especially for your lips, this super cool lip balm is intense dual nourishing.Made with natural unsweetened flavor oils, organic extra virgin coconut oil and the best grade A Shea butter.

ALL NATURAL FUSION: organic extra virgin coconut oil, beeswax, sweet almond oil, avocado oil, Fair Trade organic grade A raw ivory shea butter, organic unsweetened flavor oil, mica

XL. Mango Colada Lip Balm - .35oz

  • Mango Colada Lip Balm


    a duel experience for your lips; the delicate balance of two complementary flavors


    • NO! gluten, parabens, chemicals, petroleum, preservatives
    • Free of all that is not good for your skin
    • e4.25g /.15oz. BEX. handcrafted balms