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Body Balm...

~ An all natural soothing and comforting aromatic agent for your skin.

~ Helps dry skin from summer sun, salty sea, harsh winters; nourishes/moisturizes; leaves skin with a healthy glow

~ Use everyday all over; 

A little goes a long way! 

Hair Balm...

~ A moisturizing protectant, makes hair soft and manageable

~ Turns frizzy, dry hair to smooth, soft, shiny; super scent 

~ Use daily for healthy polished hair;  A little goes a long way!

*MEN: don’t forget your beard

Lip Balm...

~ A duel experience for your lips

~ The delicate balance of two          complementary flavors

Pet Balm...

~ Apply to maintain the healthy condition of pets nose, paws, elbows, skin, minor scratches

~ Protects and soothes from hot sand, sun, pavement, ice, salt, harsh chemicals used to remove snow.

~ All-natural and safe for animals. Free of all that is not good for your BFF. 

    WHAT IT IS...

  • 100% all natural

  • clean ingredients

  • unisex

  • healthy

  • nourishing

  • moisturizing

  • reef safe

  • non-toxic

  • cruelty-free

  • USA made


  • no gluten

  • no silicones

  • no parabens

  • no chemicals

  • no petroleum

  • no formaldehyde

  • no preservatives

  • no synthetics

  • no GMO's

  • no worries

    WHAT IT'S FOR...

  • ladies hair and skin

  • gents beard and mustache

  • pets paws, nose, elbows

  • nails and cuticles

  • soften calluses

  • dry flakey scalp

  • after shave, razor burn 

  • after sun, sunburn, peeling

  • dry, chapped winter-skin

  • everyday head to toe

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